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Interpening Book

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[in-ter-pen-ing] verb.

The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: evaluating flower for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designation. Interpening is a multilevel mastery certification in evaluating cannabis quality and determining psychotropic effects, regardless of strain names or hybridization. Throughout the world, interpeners work in every level of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, distribution, retail, legal, culinary, and judging cannabis cups. Interpening certifications, books, and tools are backed by the most contemporary science and research on cannabis and are designed to enhance your interpening skills and expertise.

Interpening Book Reviews

This art and science of characterizing marijuana varieties through olfactory training adds the crucial next dimension in deciding on your next purchase in this ncreasingly complex contemporary marketplace”
Rick Strassman, MD

Author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule


Montrose’s pioneering books teaches readers how to use their senses to evaluate cannabis quality as well as predict potency and physical effects, thus imparting invaluable practical knowledge to connoisseurs and patients alike.”

Nishi Whiteley

Author of Chronic Relief: A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill


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Customer Reviews

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Youssef B.

Interpening Book

Vincent N.
Incredibly informative

This book is an incredible reference and teaching tool and an excellent addition to any interpener or cannabis lovers collection

Todd G.
Always on display

This and its professional Interpening course are a must have and a must take. I cannot give enough props to the information provided here by Max and the team.

Do yourself a favor and get this book

Dave D.

Amazing book very informative. Love every content in the book.

Larry D.L.C.

Love all the knowledge!