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Cooking with Cannabis

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Cooking with Cannabis was created in partnership with The American Culinary Federation for professional chefs, cooks, and proficient home cooks. This course aims to provide you with the required knowledge to safely and effectively prepare and serve cannabis infusions.

Learn more about earning a certificate and preview the course.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa H.
Cooking With Cannabis

I took this class to learn more about terpenes and wound up learning so much more than I expected. I’ve been in the industry 4-5 years now and taken many classes to learn as much about cannabis as possible and this was by far the most interesting and fun for me thank you!!!!!! Can’t wait to start cooking other new items in my work & home kitchen.

Todd G.
Amazing course and a must take no matter your level of knowledge in the kitchen

I have taken every course Trichome has to offer and this is hands down one of the top Courses you can take. In partnership with the American Culinary Federation, Chef Brandon dices up some lessons from safety in preparation and dosing to event hosting and catering all the way to providing you some delicious recipes for sunrise to sunset. The presentation was outstanding and Chef B does a great job of keeping you engaged throughout the course with some great sarcasm down to his honest views and approach to cooking with the plant. This course also features a workbook that's a great resource tool not only for keeping some vital information but Chef Brandon provides you the recipes to get you started.

This is not a course to learn how to become a Chef. This is a deep dive into the safety and knowledge needed to go out, prepare and host your own infused events. As with every Trichome course I have taken. At the end you will feel challenged with a good 75 questions that you need to score an 80+ on to pass. The questions, as always, aren't meant to stump you but instead make sure you know the basic knowledge needed to keep people safe while introducing them to this new world that's been hidden for so long.

Keep up the great work Trichome and thank you again Chef B, Max and the team!

Wendy G.
Awesome cannabis cooking course

This was a great course with a lot of useful information. There is a lot of false info out there on the best ways to extract. This course sums it up for you. You will pick up a lot of great information in this course. Highly recommend!!!

brittany z.
So far so good

I havent finished the course yet but Im enjoying all the new information. This is my 3rd Trichome Institute class and Im always impressed with the new information. I find the science of cannabis very intriguing and I can't wait to apply the new knowledge with my cooking style.

Danielle M.


This course will absolutely advance your skillset in the world of cooking with cannabis. Half way through the course I was able to make minor tweaks and my clientele immediately pointed out the significant difference. For any cannabis chef ready to take their level up a few notches, please don't hesitate with enrolling. The course will literally pay for itself; the tools and information provided in this course is a serious steal and in my honest opinion.. it's priceless.

Thank you a million times and more Chef Brandon!.. You are definitely a pillar to our community (forever grateful!)