Level 2 Interpening Live Course

Trichome Institute

$ 239.00

Upcoming Class Dates:

July 29, 2017 - 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Are you committed to becoming a more educated cannabis user? Interpening can help. Join us for a 4.5 hour event led by cannabis expert, Max Montrose, to better understand cannabis quality and effect on a user. At this interactive event, you'll be able to smell and observe actual buds, learning first hand how to assess bud quality, variety type, and more. The course will end with a test that, if passed, will result in Level 2 certification. This course and certification are perfect for anyone in the professional cannabis industry!

This course comes with a complimentary Weed Wheel, Interpening Guide, and Interpening Loop, which will be provided to you upon check in.  The tuition for the course is a great value for the toolkit and education combined!


SOHI Art Gallery
2209 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80205

Class Structure:

Registration: 30 minutes
Part 1 - Level 1 Class: 2.5 hours
Part 2 - Level 2 Hands On Class: 45 minutes
Part 3 - Level 2 Exam: 45 minutes

Your order number that you will receive via email is your proof of purchase for the event. Please make sure to keep this number for your records. 

We do not overbook our classes to ensure every student receives the personal attention they may need.  If you cannot attend a training, please let us know 3 business days before class so we can reschedule you and release your spot to another student.  Refunds or reschedules cannot be honored unless we hear from you in this timeframe. Thanks for understanding.


A waiver with a non-compete will need to be agreed to before participating in the class. For an advanced copy of the waiver click here. 


The Interpening Level 2 test is incredibly difficult. Those who pass in the hectic classroom environment are truly displaying the mastery we seek of our Level 2 Interpeners. Should you find the classroom environment too hectic or find it is getting late and want to test another time, arrangements can be made. Simply speak to our staff at the event or reach out ahead of time.


The Trichome Institute reserves the right to cancel a course and issue a full refund to enrolled participants. 

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